Prosumer is the way to go!

I an now prosuming. Meaning, I am now producing knowledge in my creation of this blog. Although not a published book or scientific article, it has some little amount of produced words and knowledge. In the same time I am offering this for consumption, and in some sense I am also a consumer. More common […]

The Meaning of Life

Regardless of your opinion of the meaning of life, surely you will agree with the importance of making the most of it, whilst you are here. And some people may think it is important to have a lot of money and stuff whilst other people prioritize experiences, emotions and relations. Try to pursue your inner […]

Salvator Mundi

A lost Leonardo Da Vinci painting has been sold for $450 million. It is an amazing painting of Christ, with his right hand raised in a blessing and his left hand holding a globe. The globe can of course easily be seen as a crystal ball, which in itself raises a lot of questions. I […]