Strong forces from North

I was up north, almost as high You can come. Beautiful landscape that took my breath away.

It is truly easy to find your own balance, when having nothing than nature around You.

In the city there is so much that requires our attention, for instance heavy traffic; people everywhere; sounds and smells that are too strong. To not get overloaded with all this stimuli, I end up giving my smartphone too much attention.

I also met a Same woman (laplander) who told me she could never move South of Arctic Circle. Even though she met a man “from the South”, she knew in her heart up North is where she needs to live.

– My life force will disappear if I move away from here. It is here I find my strength. And my future children needs to first of all understand and know their Same heritage.

It must be a strength to know where You belong. To know where You are supposed to be. Not all people have this feeling and I left her feeling somewhat envious.

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