Ta en risk

Berätta för någon nära dig om dina hemliga rädslor eller misslyckanden och våga se hur du blir lyssnad på utan fördömanden. Ofta kommer du att upptäcka att de känner samma slags rädslor. Och som alla mörka troll försvinner de i ljuset, när du blottar dem.

Imagine a better world…

There is a special place in hell for women who don’t support each other, a well known quote I am thinking on today. I don’t meet that too often but sometimes it just gets obvious. And it is a little sad because I think it is so important to support each other’s creative, clever and […]

”I can feel you”

At the University of Bielefeld, Germany a study was performed by biologist Olaf Kruse, which shows that plants (focus was algae) can absorb energy from other plants. According to physician and therapist Olivia Bader-Lee bodies are like sponges, absorbing energy that is around us. That is why a sensitive person’s mood can change when entering […]

The Work

Director Jairus McLeary captured an amazing therapy session at Folsom State Prison in his documentary. This four-day self-help discussions with both inmates and visitors is so strong and so beautiful. We all have emotional traumas, in prison or not, and these traumas are our true prisons. It is a nonprofit organization, Inside Circle Foundation, that […]

Strong forces from North

I was up north, almost as high You can come. Beautiful landscape that took my breath away. It is truly easy to find your own balance, when having nothing than nature around You. In the city there is so much that requires our attention, for instance heavy traffic; people everywhere; sounds and smells that are […]

Confusing stories

What we think to what we actually say to what other people hear and finally to what other people understand (as to what I intended) is a wide difference. Communication is difficult and we seem to have less and less time to communicate with each other. We express ourselves a lot But we almost never […]

Space Out!

I talk in my new book Spiritual Social Activism about Image Streaming. This is a successful method for increased creativity to simplify deeper spiritual connection. In South Korea they have started with space out contents in public parks. This to increase possibilities to get away from digital overload. Thinking nothing is the best practice for […]