Space Out!

I talk in my new book Spiritual Social Activism about Image Streaming. This is a successful method for increased creativity to simplify deeper spiritual connection. In South Korea they have started with space out contents in public parks. This to increase possibilities to get away from digital overload. Thinking nothing is the best practice for […]

The Meaning of Life

Regardless of your opinion of the meaning of life, surely you will agree with the importance of making the most of it, whilst you are here. And some people may think it is important to have a lot of money and stuff whilst other people prioritize experiences, emotions and relations. Try to pursue your inner […]

Salvator Mundi

A lost Leonardo Da Vinci painting has been sold for $450 million. It is an amazing painting of Christ, with his right hand raised in a blessing and his left hand holding a globe. The globe can of course easily be seen as a crystal ball, which in itself raises a lot of questions. I […]

Perception of one’s body signals and altruism

Interoception (one persons perception of her or his body signals) seems to increase altruistic behaviour. A study shows that there seems to be an unique link between an individual’s history of altruistic acts and the body responses they elicit. In other words, human’s might literally listen to their heart to guide their altruistic behaviour.

Mind a Field connected to the Brain

Neuroscience and Quantum Physics is merging together in our new understanding of our reality. A new theory developed by professor Dirk K F Meijer hypothesize that consciousness resides in a field surrounding the brain. This field is in another dimension and transmits wave information. The mind is a field that exists around the brain; it […]

Neurons that fire together, wire together

Professor Donald Hebb said that.  Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new connections and weakening old ones. Our brain has vast abilities to regenerate, reallocate and rewire itself.  Neutral networks in our brain are created by focusing our thoughts with engaged stimulation and imagination. It is the repetition of thought and […]

Visionary Life offers retreats

To go on an retreat is to offer yourself the possibility to intense but miraculous development and healing. It is an effective way to place yourself in a beautiful context, with new and maybe even old friends, where focus is new insights through innovative ways of thinking, feeling and living, which you with refilled inspiration […]

Say NO

I really like Warren Buffet. Many of his famous quotes can inspire a lot.  And Maybe it is exactly as he claims? We should in fact say no to more stuff? Society of today is running. A lot of things every second steal our attention. Mobile phone, commercial, internet…  And time just fly.  At the […]