Visionary Life offers retreats

To go on an retreat is to offer yourself the possibility to intense but miraculous development and healing. It is an effective way to place yourself in a beautiful context, with new and maybe even old friends, where focus is new insights through innovative ways of thinking, feeling and living, which you with refilled inspiration […]

We are social

Without a belonging we will literally starve to death. But emotionally.  Infants that are abandoned by their mothers and put to an orphanage, will actually die if nobody touches them.  The meaning of life may be a purpose each individual has to find out by herself, but what you want to do for Self must […]

Personal Bill of Rights

It is not always easy to know your own right, your integraty, your self-worth. This is particularly difficult in close relations, with partner, children, parents, siblings.  If You ever doubt if your self-value are respected or not, turn to these important rights and find out how this relates to your reality.  By the way: Self-worth […]


Makasutu is a magical and holy forest in Gambia, belonging to Mandinka people. There You Will get in touch with magical beings. You may also, late at night, see Mandinka Fire Dance. Existing from time of Kunta Kinte. Also in Gambia You can visit ruins of a slave station, from same time, used to collect […]