Sophia As A Speaker

With the right mixture of humour and seriousness I combine scientific knowledge, passions and interests in life and a never-lasting wonder to life, where I with a respectful and direct approach where the audience feel my warmth and enthusiasm. You may a Youtube in Swedish here.

Quantum physics teaches us that we are in the universe in the same way as the universe is in us. When we observe an object outside of us, we are effected in some way depending on our beliefs and emotions towards that object. But at the same time the object in itself is equally effected - by our way of thinking about it. This way nothing is neutral.

Neuroscience teaches us that we not only have a complex nervous system; every single neuron is in itself complex. Billions of neurons work together in our brain to generate a conscious experience of ourselves and of our reality. Our neural circuits shows us our beliefs, that really is nothing else but our brain who draws conclusions about our present and future time based on past time. if we want to consciously change our reality, that is if we want to gear our life and our reality to get more positive results, we need to change our neural circuits.

My experience comes from my leadership positions over ten years in both university and three non-governmental organizations, as well as my experience as coach and consultant. My knowledge comes from my Ph D in sociology and roles as professor, researcher and author.


I am also a well-experienced moderator.

On a regular basis I offer workshops for entrepreneurs and others, that in some way wants inspiration and the right amount of "push" to take that next step, to success and performance.

Usually the next step is both understood and clear, but it requires quite a lot of courage and faith. Or there is just a feeling to move forward, but with an open and willing mind.

The uniqueness of these workshops, is that the participants will come from many different background and with many different goals. That heterogenity amongst the participants is what creates a high level of tolerance and curiosity, which is a perfect setting for these inspirational workshops.

If you instead wants inspiration to process further with your writing and career as an author, you may take part of services offered by Visionary Life.